About: Giving Back

Giving Back

My life has been blessed in many ways. I am free in a land of opportunity within the greatest country in the world. My health is good and I have friends and family that love me.  This provides me with a wonderful opportunity to give back and share with others the abundance that I have been given.

Even in our nation of abundance, I realize there are those of us in need.  Sometimes simple things like photographs of your children, or of your wedding, or family portraits with aging parents are beyond what we can afford.  Unfortunately, time doesn't wait and the opportunity to capture those treasured memories can be lost forever.  To help with that I offer low cost services to anyone with significant financial challenges (job loss, struggling families, etc.).    This is not a joke or a scam.   If you are in need, I will offer you my services at a price you can afford.

I'm also a believer in supporting the efforts of churches and non-profit organizations in our community.  If you run such an organization, and are in need of a professional photographer, I'd enjoy the opportunity to speak with you about your mission and determine if I can be of assistance for your organization.

This is simply my opportunity to share with others my love of photography and the gifts and talents that God has given me.  Please don't hesitate to call if I can assist you in any way.