Copyright Information

Copyrights to all images that were shot, created, or manipulated by the Bradley Photography team are retained by Thomas A Bradley, LLC (dba Tom Bradley Photography).

Many people don’t realize it but photographic images fall into the category of “intellectual property” along with music, software, literature, movies, etc. Unlike physical property where ownership is more obvious, intellectual property can be secretly copied with no regard for the years of experience, creativity, and the significant expense required to create the original. When you buy software, a song, a movie, or a digital photograph the author wants you to enjoy your purchase but does not grant you the right to share the files with others. Instead, each user is expected to purchase their own copy in order to compensate the author for their efforts. To help control piracy the creators of digital products rely on the honesty of the public, copyright laws, and embedded technologies to help ensure that they can reap the financial benefits of their work. There are significant penalties for copyright infringement.

So what does that mean in practical terms? If you've purchased an image, enjoy it but please don't share the digital file with others. If you've not purchased any images, enjoy viewing the website but please do not use screen captures or other techniques to steal images without payment. Following those simple steps will prevent copyright violations and also help to keep my services affordable for future clients.

Thank you for understanding and respecting my work.