Services: Image Restoration


Digital Image Restoration Services

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Photo restoration is returning an image to its original form.  In some cases, the final image is better than the original because we can enhance the details of the image and add colors that may not have existed in the original.   Of course, much depends on the condition of the original so the first step in the process is showing us the original photo.  We will evaluate your photo and provide you with our professional opinion regarding the level of restoration is possible and also give you an estimate of the cost.  If you want to proceed, we will do the work at no charge and provide you with a proof to review.  If you're unhappy with the final result, you pay nothing.

Our restoration services may include:

  • Removal of scratches and discolorations
  • Filling in missing areas
  • Restore faded details
  • Resizing and enlarging
  • Colorization


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