Image Proofing Instructions (Old)

Your “proofs” have been placed on a web gallery for your review. The process of selecting your images and providing feedback is very simple.


Step 1: Select Your Images 


Method 1: Select Multiple Images from the Thumbnail Display

  • Click the checkbox in the upper left corner to select multiple images for final delivery

Method 2: Select an Individual Image from the Detail Display

  • From the thumbnail display, click on an image to enlarge it.
  • Click the selection button on the bottom of the display

*Note: Cookies must be enabled on your browser to select images and provide feedback


Step 2: Add Your Comments and Instructions

  • Once all the images have been selected, click the “Feedback” button to finalize your selections

  • Add your name, phone, and email address plus any specific feedback or instructions regarding individual images.
  • Items can also be deleted if you change your mind.

  • Once your selection and feedback is complete, select “Copy to Clipboard”.
  • The file names and feedback will be copied to the clipboard of your workstation. (For mobile devices, you may have to copy the file names and feedback manually)


Step 3: Email the Photographer

  • Open the email system of your choice and PASTE the feedback from the clipboard into the new message.
  • Once the email has been successfully transmitted, then you can close the feedback window.
  • We recommend retaining a copy for your records.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us